11 Nov 2011

Down With The Sadness

Where I work, we have no natural light.

Consequently, when we reach this time of year, it's a case of travelling to work in the dark, sitting in a windowless office, and then going home in the dark.

For months and months, we had a conspiracy to put "get a window for the office" on every single meeting agenda until the boss snapped and said "Look, it isn't happening!"*

As a compromise however, we were told that we could try our some SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamps to see if that improves things at all.  I was sceptical of the science, however the most basic of researching online seems to suggest that certain UV frequencies found in natural light can be generated by these lamps, and can contribute to better wellbeing.  How much so, I don't know, but worth a try at the very least.  Its not like they're 15 minute Tan-Cancer machines or anything.

A few days ago, a colleague returned from another office with SAD lamp in hand.  I could see fellow colleagues having it angled at walls, above their heads and reflecting off surfaces, along with comments such as "Well, it definitely seems a bit brighter" and "Yes, that does... something".

Flash forward to this morning, where we receive a call "Emma wants her lamp back".  Her lamp?  Yes, it turns out.  The lamp that had been fetched certainly did have positive properties: that of providing light for a desk.  We've been sitting trying to glean good health and cheer from an ordinary desk lamp for the past two days.  We now have the SAD lamp, and it looks nothing like a desk lamp.

*In an unusual turn of events, the draft plan for a refurbishment of the building includes 3 windows for our office.  Our hard work obviously was noticed.

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