26 Feb 2010


3 fire evacuations today. Three. So a bit of time outside in the rain.

Whilst outside, a sticker on the rear of a vehicle reads "Disable Kid with ATTITUDE". 'That's nice' I thought. On the other side a sticker "Disabled Princess On Board". At first, cringing. Second thought: 'What a strange juxtaposition of words'.

And then finally, I thought of a princess, stripped of her regal powers, thus becoming a Disabled Princess. A Princess stripped of her powers.

"Diana!" After the divorce, no HRH for her.

"Disabled Princess On Board". I bet if she saw that sticker in Paris, she would have thought twice about getting in. Even when pissed.

[Anecdote style courtesy of the Church of England)


In a way, I'm following on from the post below here, in that one of my news feeds is from the official Libyan news agency. Maybe I have a fetish for being fed ridiculous propaganda, but its enjoyable.

In the recent news story about EU citizens being prevented from obtaining visas for Libya, Libyaonline.com poetically tells the story in a different way with the headline:

Swiss Irrationality Drags EU into Dispute with Friendly Libya

I've always found Libya fun in a 'but you wouldn't wanna live there' kind of way. Gaddafi's eccentric decisions include such things as staying in tents at international conferences, as well as having sexy guards:

One of my favourite episodes is where the Colonel set about designing his own Car of the Future, and the TV news had the most spectacular footage of Emperor's New Clothes syndrome. It reminded me of when Homer Simpson's long lost brother gave him the opportunity to design his dream car:

Gaddafi's 'Libyan Rocket' was apparently designed for safety.

"The invention of the safest car in the world is proof that the Libyan revolution is built on the happiness of man."

15 Feb 2010

Broadminded, Benevolence and All-embracing Love

North Korea's official website is a place I would visit often if I was searching for inspiration for a sci-fi bad guy. Here's a snippet from the news page:

"Chairman Kim Jong Il of the National Defense Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a broadminded statesman.

His politics mirrors his broadmindedness as it is. He administers the benevolent politics and all-embracing politics which make no discrimination among all members of society, irrespective of their origin, past career, political view and religious belief.

His politics rallied the popular masses from all walks of life including workers, peasants and intellectuals, into a socio-political force. Such wonderful reality as the single-minded unity of the whole society in the DPRK is wholly attributable to his all-embracing politics[...]

Kim Jong Il is, indeed, a broadminded statesman that moves all people. It is not fortuitous that many people around the world say the land of Korea is too small for his great personality."

Even better is if you follow the link to the gift shop (other stalinist gift shops are available) where you can purchase a range of North Korean merch (note the products listed in order, somewhat unsubtly as 'Propaganda 1, propaganda 2 etc). One of my favourites is the golf shirt:

With the description that can only be described as 'aspirational':

"Tee off in casual style. Our golf-style, collared t-shirt is a comfortable, lightweight way to play 18-holes and beat the heat. Features, stylish wood-tone buttons, yet it feels like wearing your favorite t-shirt. Dress it up or down. Throw a blazer over later for country club mingling. Great for layering."


13 Feb 2010

A 2 Z

I've been listening to songs of mine recently in A to Z order of tracks, and its a great way of re-discovering songs that you think are ace. Obviously, no one else will, but here's some of my re-discoveries:

NoMeansNo - Humans:

'Humans' has everything - 4/4 punkrock verse, ridiculous bouncy chorus about monkeys, guitar solo, bass solo - the works. Excellent.

Bigwig - Moosh:

They're the most outrageously overused 4 chords in history but they work effectively in an against-the-jocks american high school way that for some reason, lots of us in the UK somehow relate to, despite our upbringings bearing no resemblance to this. Hollywood has a lot to answer for.

Osker - Disconnect, Disconnect

Osker were a band who didn't last long, but for some reason left some kind of impact on me, with Idle Will Kill competing for a position of one of my all time favourite albums. They were apparently known for insulting their audience, and also never had a full time drummer. Unfortunately, subsequent projects by those involved never lived up to Osker's greatness.

There would be more, but I'm only up to M...

7 Feb 2010

Stuffed Toys of Yore

As my folks are selling their house, it looks like my room is the one that is being touted as the potential 'kids' room'. Consequently, on the bed lay two stuffed toys. When I commented on this, my mother explained that the big cushion and toys were place strategically to cover some mould growing on the wallpaper in the corner.

This stuffed animal is called 'Flush' and belonged to me. I hadn't actually given it a name for a while, but then one day, my Dad referred to it as a 'plush toy' and my limited speech capability pronounced it as 'Flush'. At the time, both me and my brother found toilets hilarious, and the name stuck.

I don't know whether this bear had a name (it wasn't mine) but is included here purely because of its creepy stare and emaciated torso.

6 Feb 2010

FSF and iPad

"Mr. Jobs,

DRM will give Apple and their corporate partners the power to disable features, block competing products (especially free software) censor news, and even delete books, videos, or news stories from users' computers without notice-- using the device's "always on" network connection.

This past year, we have seen how human rights and democracy protestors can have the technology they use turned against them. By making a computer where every application is under total, centralized control, Apple is endangering freedom to increase profits.

Apple can say they will not abuse this power, but their record of App Store rejections and removals gives us no reason to trust them. The iPad's unprecedented use of DRM to control all capabilities of a general purpose computer is a dangerous step backward for computing and for media distribution. We demand that Apple remove all DRM from its devices."