24 Sep 2010

Ken Livingstone

"[These ideas] will not even be in the manifesto, because this government is preparing legislation on local government and they could include clauses to prevent me doing it. So I've got some ideas, but sadly, you'll just have to wait until after election day."

Whatever you think of him, them's fighting talk, Ken. I like that fighting talk.

23 Sep 2010

Its a new Term

I wore a tie. They still spoke to me though.

17 Sep 2010

Bestiality - Where To Holiday

Following a discussion surrounding the Yoga Bear, an acquaintance commented "Is it wrong to be slightly aroused" to which I answered "Its fine so long as you don't act on those urges".

To which another colleague turned to me saying "Is bestiality even illegal in Finland?". I hoped that question was rhetorical, rather than there existing an assumption that I am knowledgeable about such things. Still, it felt a little like a challenge so I looked it up.

Most common law countries seem to have legislation in terms of both animal protection and sex with animals. This is also the case across much of Europe, except Denmark, where there exist no restrictions should you wish to bugger a heron. Sweden only started to be concerned after a spate of 'horse-ripping' incidents. Its weirder than it sounds.

Its illegal in Peru for a man to have sex with an alpaca
. I didn't see mention of any other animals.

Most fans seem to prefer horses (giving and receiving), which of course carries its fair share of risks.

13 Sep 2010

Dave Eggers

Time to Celebrate

from an email:

"Dr. Abdul Kalam's Letter to Every Indian

APJ Abdul Kalam at SpeechWhy is the media here so negative?
Why are we in India so embarrassed to recognize our own strengths, our achievements?
We are such a great nation. We have so many amazing success stories but we refuse to acknowledge them. Why?
We are the first in milk production.
We are number one in Remote sensing satellites.
We are the second largest producer of wheat.
We are the second largest producer of rice."

We're number one!

12 Sep 2010

No Borders Camp 2010

Good call on the zombie logo...

"Since the crisis of Greece and the euro in early May, the European Union has become a political zombie: its neoliberal and monetarist brain is damaged, but it continues to create havoc and disaster. Merkel, whose inaction has escalated the cost of the financial crisis from €45 to €45billion, is imposing her mantra on Europe: Austerity, Austerity, Austerity.

Cuts in public spending and wage freezes are imposed on a society already made precarious by the Great Recession. Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium: nobody is sheltered from the attack on the european welfare state by global finance.

Barroso (Commission in Brussels) and Trichet (Central Bank in Frankfurt), although they would like to handle the crisis themselves instead of national governments, concur that only swift cuts can restore the faith of financial markets in the euro. International banks and speculators are demanding that all of us foot the bill for the deficits created two years ago to save their asses.

Austerity will worsen the crisis, which has already made millions of precarious unemployed, and plunge the european economy into deflation, in a vicious circle of recession and unemployment, mounting xenophobia and nationalism.

Against this process, we have to defend social rights and transform european society, resist and create. There’s but one solution which could take us forward : A social & ecologic Europe. where present european √©lites are finally neutralized, and the present course toward deflation is reversed to subsidize the emerging p2p european democracy. We need to stop financing banks, public spending must support a commons-based economy, creativity and social innovation."

More here...

10 Sep 2010

Calm Down, Hotheads

Surely the way we can deal with this Koran burning nonsense is to gather every religious book and have a jolly old bonfire, with snacks. Everyone will see everyone else's book go up in flames in an orgy of enjoyable warm catharsis. Problem solved.

A few other issues come to mind however:

1. At what point does an incandescent tome become offensive? If you just tore off a little strip off the page with the publishing details and set it alight, does that count?

2. How about if a book repository caught fire, and the authorities suspected arson? The culprit would have knowingly set fire to it, but would not have known the place contained Korans/Torahs etc.

3. What if one cut out loads of words from newspapers, kidnap-style, and an over a period of time, assembled an entire replica of a religious text, and then set that on fire. In a way, the manufacturer/keen craftsperson made that - when does the ownership revert to God?

Bless you all, you mentalists.

Oh yeah, if you didn't see Colin Blakemore on 'The Case For God' recently, here he is: